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  • Free NL shipping from € 40,-

Care Instructions:

Burn your candle for between 1 and 3 hours at the time for optimal results.

Always trim your wick to 6-mm before relighting your candle.

If your wick gets a ”mushroom” tip of soot, blow it out and let it cool.

Remove the tip using a paper towel.

Discard the candle when there is 6 mm wax left.

Keep a safe distance between candle and surrounds at least 10 cm .

Please remember to reuse or recycle your candle container.

Appearance: Please note that our Elate & Co. candles are hand poured and not mass produced. Therefore there can be differences in appearance of the candles. Your candle may also appear to be slightly uneven on top, this is the result of natural rapeseed-wax being hand poured.